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  1. To use the room allocated for residential purposes only. Residents risk losing their residency if they use their rooms for commercial purposes.
  2. To pay the designated user fee or any adjustment that may be demanded promptly.
  3. To observe any rules and regulations that may be put in place from time to time by the Hall.
  4. To accord the any staff or personnel acting on behalf of the Manager the greatest respect and comply with directions that may be given from time to time.
  5. Not to make any alterations to the facility whether of a temporary or permanent nature.
  6. Residents may only bring along electric cookers and gas stoves in good condition and can only use same after inspection by persons who are tasked to do so. Residents are however not to use any electrical gadget in the Kitchen. Gas cylinders affixed with burners are strictly prohibited.
  7. Not to engage in any act that will deface the facility such as repairing or fixing pictures or photographs on the walls of the facility in the rented room or otherwise.
  8. Air Conditioners (split or standing, or any type), Dishwashers and Washing Machines are strictly prohibited. Written permission shall be required before any such use may be permitted.
  9. Not to engage in any acts which amounts to nuisance and inconvenience to other users of the facility, or the Hall in general including fighting, drumming, whistling and noisemaking.
  10. Not to allow any unauthorised person(s) more popularly known as “Perchers” to live in the room assigned.
  11. Not to sublet or trade the room to any person without permission from the Hall Manager.
  12. Not to engage in any activity in or around the facility that amounts to crime under the laws of Ghana including the use of or dealing in narcotic drugs and other banned substances or harbouring any person whether a student or not who engages in criminal activity.
  13. Residents who have to share a single prepaid meter are to contribute towards the purchase of credits for the entire period of their occupancy after credits purchased by the Hall are exhausted.
  14. Not to tamper with the prepaid meter(s) by breaking the seal or do anything unlawful or that amounts to fraudulently acquiring electrical power from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). The responsibility for the prepaid meters shall rest on the residents who share a common meter. In the event that a seal is broken, the Hall shall report the residents of the said rooms that share that meter to the ECG and/or the Police for further action (including settlement of any penalty that would be prescribed by ECG. Failure to satisfy or perform any such penalty by occupants of the said rooms may lead to further legal action(s).
  15. To vacate the rooms during the periods when the university is on recess unless expressly permitted at the absolute discretion of the Hall therein and subject to the prior payment in full of any user fee that may be imposed by the Hall. Residents are also required to leave the room in the same tenantable condition (including cleanliness) in which they came to meet the room else the Hall reserves the right to clean the room and surcharge the residents with the cost.
  16. To vacate the room allocated at any time when advised to withdraw from the Hall by the Hall Manager or any other officer of the Hall duly authorised.
  17. The hall reserves the right to re-allocate any resident to a different room of the same type at any such time when full occupancy has not been achieved.
  18. Residents are to note that they shall be directly liable for the cost of physical damages to facilities in or outside the rooms. This includes wilfully causing damages to the building’s fabric and finishes, installations, plant and machinery including tampering with Fire Extinguishers. The cost of any such damages shall be assessed and the resident surcharged. The Hall reserves the right to refuse clearance to any resident who fails to pay any debt due the Hall.
  19. The Hall shall only accept electrical and electronic appliances i.e. Television Sets, Electric Irons, Refrigerators, Sound Systems, Microwaves, stoves etc. for safekeeping in the storage facilities during vacations. Residents may arrange with the Hall to keep these items at no extra cost to them except that residents who choose to move to a different Hall on retrieval of their belongings, shall be made to pay a storage charge of GH¢200.00. Residents who opt to keep their belongings in storage shall indemnify the Hall against any loss, theft or damage of their belongings. The Hall reserves the right to dispose of such items if they are not collected one week after the official re-opening date of the university.
  20. Not to pour waste water, brush their teeth or dispose of litter from the balconies onto the ground. Offenders shall be made to pay a fine of GH¢100.00. If such offenders are not caught in the act or reported, the fine shall be paid by the rooms on the line where such activity occurred i.e. from the Ground to the Third Floor.
  21. Not to hang mops or clothing on their balcony walls. Offenders shall be charged with the cost of re-painting such defaced wall(s).
  1. The Hall reserves the right to inspect all rooms and by extension the entire facility at any given time whether in the presence of the Hall Resident or not save that as far as practicable or expedient the Hall shall endeavour to give prior notice of such inspection to the Hall Resident.
  2. Rooms may be inspected before recess and occupants shall be liable for cost of physical damages in the room that exceeds ordinary wear and tear.
  3. No collective decisions taken by the Hall Residents shall supersede this agreement.
  4. The decision of the Hall shall be final and binding on a resident allocated a room in the facility from the time of signing this agreement.
  5. The Hall shall ensure that the facility and all its conveniences are maintained in reasonable conditions.
  6. Breach of any of these regulations may result in the immediate revocation of the residential status, including forfeiture of any money paid in advance. Any resident(s) who harbour any “Percher(s)” in the facility shall lose his or her residential status and forfeit any payment made. The “Percher” shall be thrown out and immediate steps taken to bring the matter to the attention of the Dean of Students.
  7. Failure to report breach of any of these regulations by room mates to the Hall shall be considered an act of collusion/abetment and may result in the immediate revocation of the residential status of all occupants of the room, including forfeiture of any money paid in advance.
  8. Where the residential status of a resident is revoked, any rent that is due the Hall shall be fully paid, and the resident shall forfeit any fees paid in advance.
  9. Management reserves the right to increase the fees without recourse to students in the currency of the academic year.
  10. Residents shall be required to bring replacements in order to qualify for full refunds in the event they are not interested in taking up residency already paid for. If the resident fails to bring such replacement, the Hall shall be entitled to retain 30% of the Residential and Facility User Fee paid prior to refunding such payments.
  11. NO VISITORS are allowed into the Hall between the times of 12:00 midnight and 6:00am. The Security Officers are mandated to protect residents and Hall property at any given time and therefore are authorised to refuse entry of any visitor(s) to the Hall on account of their failure to comply with the relevant procedure at the Porter’s Lodge.